If cleaning the beach is all we do, it's all we'll ever do... but it's a good place to start.


Runners and walkers join at their local beach and meet other proactive people to give a little pay back to their favourite place. Their beach. A quick 30 minute run or walk and litter pick to keep our beaches and waterways clean, build stronger communities, and raise awareness about the health and environmental risks of single-use waste - particularly plastic.

You'll be amazed what we can do together in only 30 minutes!

We are now running in 15 locations across the country, so check out the map for a location near you and come be a part of this fast-growing movement to take back our marine environment and communities. If you don't have a group locally... start something! Simply post a photo of your own cleanup to inspire others into action, it really is as simple as that in this connected world.

The Australian coastal region is world-class, serving host to millions upon millions of residents and visitors throughout the year, especially during the summer, who unfortunately leave a tremendous amount of rubbish behind. Not only in Australia but all around the world plastic pollution in our oceans and waterways has become critical. There are now 5 irreversible continental gyres of swirling bits of plastic in our oceans as a direct result of our reliance on short-sighted convenience over long-term solutions.

A recent study even found over 50,000 pieces of plastic in only 1 square kilometre of Antarctic waters, far from any area of human habitation or commercial activity. Disposable plastics are quite simply not part of the long-term solution we so desperately need.

We have to act and we have to act now to repair some of the appalling damage that we have done to our oceans. The notion that it would be a barrier to removing plastic from the ocean because it might cost something is truly absurd. The cost of doing nothing is enormously greater than doing nothing. There is no such thing as AWAY because plastic is so permanent and so indestructible that when you cast it into the ocean it does not go AWAY.
— Sir David Attenborough

What We've Achieved

  • In our first year we picked up over 160,000 pieces of litter

  • That's over 4.5 tonnes of litter that would likely have ended up in the ocean

  • We've picked over 1 million cigarette butts. And on most of the beaches we clean, smoking is banned.

  • Tens of thousands of recyclable beverage containers, over 85% of what we find is drink bottles, cans, coffee cups, lids of all kinds and drinking straws

  • Running in 15 locations across Australia and has now gone global!

  • From the Responsible Runners program, an initiative has grown called Responsible Cafes which now has over 4000 cafes across the world giving discounts for reusable cups and is succeeding in stopping tens of millions of single use cups and lids from entering our environment and waste stream!