Pulse Up, Waste Down.


Runners, walkers and all! 
Join us at locations across Australia for a fun 30 minute cleanup to meet likeminded people and protect our marine environment.
Stick around to help sort recyclables and collect data from our haul for
the Australian Marine Debris Initiative.

Our clean ups provide the numbers to help change plastic pollution policy in Australia so we show them what's happening on our beaches!



Most marine debris on our beaches across Australia we find is plastic, which is made from oil.

Plastic is, by its very nature, durable and hardy and does not break apart for hundreds of years. When it does disintegrate, it does so very slowly (it photo-degrades) into smaller and smaller plastic pieces which fish, birds, and other marine life easily mistake for food, severely disrupting the ocean food chain and posing serious entanglement hazards for all sea life. Then there's the impact it has on humans as it enters our own food chain. It is said that a person with a regular seafood diet will ingest over 11,000 pieces of microplastic in a year! As plastic reaches big and small - found in the smallest of marine organisms and encompassing five swirling continental gyres in our oceans across the world... something needs to be done.

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Over hundreds of weekly and monthly cleanups since September 2012, Responsible Runners have picked up over 200 tonnes of rubbish, including over 1 million cigarette butts and
hundreds of thousands of recyclable drink containers, plastic straws, bottle caps and cutlery
This is only the beginning. We must all work together by saying NO to disposable plastic bags, bottles, and packaging to foster a culture of reuse. Only by prioritising long-term sustainability over short-term convenience - starting with each and every one of us - will we truly begin addressing the problem of plastic pollution in our ocean.

Check out our sister initiative Responsible Cafes who are engaging cafes and business all over the world to reduce takeaway coffee cups and incentivise reusable cups! 

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The Australian coastal region is world-class, let's keep it that way!
Find a clean up near you.
Or book our newly launched Social Impact Experiences through Airbnb.

In 2018 most groups transitioned to monthly clean ups and are available for charity & corporate clean ups.


*Click on the location below to connect with the group*


  • BALMORAL: 1st Sunday of each month, 5PM @ the Rotunda OR book our newly launched
    Social Impact Experience through Airbnb

  • BONDI: (Looking for new ambassador!) @ sand in front of central beach steps

  • YARRA BAY: 1st Sunday of each month, 6PM @ sand in front of central beach steps

  • COOGEE: 1st Sunday of each month, 4PM @ sand in front of central beach steps

  • CRONULLA: 1st Sunday of each month, 6PM @ sand in front of central beach steps

  • ROSE BAY: Every Sunday, 4PM @ grass where Caledonian Rd hits the beach

  • MANLY: 1st Sunday of each month, 8:30AM @ the 4 Pines Brewery

  • ILLAWARRA: 1st Sunday of each month, 7:30AM. Check the Facebook group for details



  • Looking for new ambassadors!


  • BUNBURY (HUNGRY HOLLOW BEACH): Sunday fortnights, 4PM @ Hungry Hollow Beach

  • SCARBOROUGH (BEACHES AROUND PERTH): Last Sunday of every month, 9:30/10AM.
    If you're not on Facebook, email rrscarbs [at] gmail.com for more info.


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